The beautiful McKenzie river offers many trout fishing drifts that are each unique in their variety of scenery, water, and fishing experiences. Our specialty is fly fishing for rainbow trout. We offer fully guided trips with experienced, licensed Oregon guides.

troutandrodFly Fishing The Middle McKenzie River

The middle section of the McKenzie River holds a mixture of wild redside rainbow trout and hatchery rainbow trout, as well as an occasional summer steelhead. They are all beautiful fish and an absolute joy to catch.

This is our most popular section of the McKenzie river. From Blue River to the Leaburg Dam there are several drifts, which are all characterized by a variety of trout fishing water. Each of these drifts have a multitude of riffles, long runs, boulder-dotted sections of great pocket water, and some deep pools. This variety is what makes this stretch of the McKenzie so appealing. Whether you are a beginning angler or a seasoned veteran, you will have an excellent fishing experience on this part of the river.

Fly Fishing The Upper McKenzie River

From Ollalie Campground to Blue River is the most scenic and challenging stretch of the McKenzie River. The drifts on this part of the river offer fishing for wild redside rainbows, with typically only one fisherman per boat. The upper river requires experienced fly fishermen and skilled boatmen working as a team to fish the pockets of trout holding water that come up quick. In addition to the fishing you will enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water, a variety of rapids, and old growth trees with an occasional osprey nest at the top. If you enjoy challenge and excitement with your fishing experience, this is a section of the McKenzie River you will love.

Fly Fishing The Lower McKenzie River

From Leaburg Dam to its confluence with the Willamette River the McKenzie widens and slows to a quiet relaxing pace. There are long flats and runs separated by riffles that hold both wild redside rainbow and native cutthroat trout, as well at hatchery rainbow trout from Leaburg to Hayden Bridge. Summer steelhead and Spring Chinook salmon are also present seasonally. This is a part of the McKenzie that anglers of all ability levels enjoy.

Boating the McKenzie River

You will enjoy the comfort and safety of fishing from a McKenzie River Drift Boat on its namesake river. These boats are specially designed for fishing and running the type of water that the McKenzie and other Northwest rivers have to offer. Our guides are skilled boatmen, as well as knowledgeable fishermen. They are equally adept at negotiating the various rapids on the middle and upper stretches of the river, as well as finding great trout holding water.

Due to the variety of the fishing drifts to choose from, the upper and middle sections of the McKenzie River can give you the unique combined experience of fantastic trout fishing and running exciting whitewater.